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DruvaTEC® extension header kits for manifold

This extension header kits are used to increase number of high pressure inlet ports for manifolds in industrial gas supply systems for pure, inert, flammable, oxidising gases and gas mixtures.


Extension Header Kits were used to connect more than one gas cylinder on each side of the manifold. It can consist of diaphragm shut-off valve, tubing, inlet and outlet connection. Upon request, it can be equipped with check valves, gauges and vent valves, pressure transmitter and contact gauges. They can be delivered with up to 4 inlets. The Extension Header Kits are designed for safe handling of high purity gases.


  • Up to four additional inlet ports are possible
  • Variable, configurable system
  • Extension Headers are optional equipped with manual actuated diaphragm valve, non return valve, gauge, contact gauge, pressure transmitter
  • Complete kits are available
  • Valves - developed, tested and produced in accordance with relevant sections of ISO 10297:2015 (including O2 ignition test for the main valve)
  • Non Return valves -The special seat seal and the use of selected gas-wetted parts allow the use with Oxygen up to 300 bar
  • Electrostatic chargeability test
    Fulfills requirements according to ISO 80079-36, IEC TS 60079-32-1 and German TRGS 727
    Usable in EX- areas zones 1 and 2 for gases with explosion risk group I, IIA, IIB, IIC


Max. working pressure 300 bar 
Working tempearture - 20 °C to 60°C 
Nominal Flow Rate 20 m³ / h 
   Body Brass (CW614N) 
Dimensions LxDxH (max): L030
(recommended for gas cylinders)
(recommended for gas bundles)
   1 inlet 333 x 67 x 221 1033 x 67 x 221
   2 inlets 630 x 110 x 221 2033 x 110 x 221
   3 inlets 928 x 110 x 221 3033 x 110 x 221
   4 inlets 1226 x 110x 221 4033 x 110 x 221
Specials: Check Valve – Type CV300 B
Vent Valve – Type MVA530LG
Check Valve + Vent Valve 
Gauge Type: Bourdon Tube
Inductiv Contact I1
Reed Contact R5
Pressure Transmitter Ex
Pressure Transmitter Non-Ex 


Material Stainless Steel 1.4404 / 316L
Outside Diameter 1/4“
Wall thickness 0,035“
Gas wetted surface finish Outer surface Ra<=1,0 μm
Inner surface Ra<=0,8 μm
Cleaning free of oil and grease acc. to ASTM G93 - Level AA
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